Voices In The Desert


Formerly known as "The Truth", "Jeff & The Jesus Boys"...and perhaps other "working names".  Ultimately, when an "official" name was required, "Voices In The Desert" stuck...and become the generic name for several gospel/rock entourages.  

Voices embarked on a recording project which included several original Jeff songs, one original Jeannie song, and "original renditions" of a couple traditional gospel songs.  The recording and mixing was done at Aire Born Studios and is available at our "Spend Your Money Here" link .  

The recording, mixing and production took 10 years to complete, only 8 or 9 years after the band broke up!  Not bad.  In addition, there were several live performances of the material throughout the years.



Jeff Purvis

Jeannie Ellenberger

John Stoughton

Pat Sullivan

Steve Raymond

Sherry Foxx (stage name only)


        Sample some of the songs

        "So Hard To Arise" ( J. Purvis)

        "Come Unto Me" ( J. Purvis)

        "Whadaya Want With Me" ( J. Purvis)

        "I Can Only Thank You" ( J. Purvis)

        "Nothing At All" ( J. Ellenberger)

        A live special treat