Other Bands.....

The following are some of bands that one or more of our cadré of musicians have meandered in and out of since 1988.  

Click on the name to get more dirt on the band/musical project.  Where recordings are available, a sampling has been provided via a song link.  Some of these recordings are basement tapes or live recordings…so be kind in your critique! 

                chili c. & THE IGNITERS**  (1988-1990)

    THE BLUE IGNITERS*  (1989)

    chili d. & THE IGNITERS**  (1990)

    Voices In The Desert  (1990-1991)

    Herbie Purvis  (1990)

    The Amazing Bobby Saint  (1991-1994)

    Charissa (Queen of the country in a training bra)  (1992)

    Jesus Christ Superstar  (1994-1996)

    Big Jesus  (1994-1999)

    Julie Young & Her Band  (1997)

    The Merkins  (1997)

    Running With Scissors                  (1997-1998)

    ...And the Horse You Road In On

    Face Full of Fun

    Dangerous Tenets

    The Sofa King Bad Band  (1999)

   Futon Torpedoes  (1999-2002)


   Featuring Johnny Network  (2003-2007)



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