(2008 - 2012)




Band History

With the breakup of Featuring Johnny Network in late 2007, Steve wanted to get together with some musicians to give his good friend Ray Mader a chance to sing again.  Jeannie, Dolores, Randy and Jim were willing to help out.  After purchases of PA equipment (which the remaining members of FJN did not own) and sweet words to Steve's wife Barb (in order to convince her that rehearsing in her house would be a good idea and fun!), the entourage embarked on this new venture.  Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Ray was only able to attend a couple rehearsals.  L

However, the others settled into this new musical experience.  After one gig at a friend's patio the band decided that Steve's singing hadn't improved since FJN and another vocalist would be a great addition.  Enter Jeannie's daughter Karen (who had displayed her talents during the nameless group's debut patio gig!).  Not only did Karen bring her vocal skills, she added keyboards, guitar and percussion.  Well....if one new singers is good, then two would have to be great!  So, enter JD!

With the line-up complete, the entourage needed a name.  The really good name that Steve suggested was heartlessly and cruelly turned down in lieu of Last Call Lucky that Jim had come up with (and possibly bribed others to vote for....although the proof was never uncovered!).  So Last Call Lucky they became! 

The band played several gigs a year.  Karen ultimately decided that marriage and moving to Michigan was in her future.  The band bid her adieu by performing at her wedding reception and getting her on-stage to sing in her wedding gown.  A grand time was had by all!!

Last Call Lucky continued Karen-less and had some great well-attended gigs.  However.....ultimately life reared its ugly head and in late 2012 the pressures of fame, fortune and success had became too much.  Last Call Lucky....took its "last call" and closed down the bar! 

Naturally lawsuits and counter-suits were filed by all band members against each other, and the 6 week trial that resulted was well covered by the local media.  The verdict is currently on appeal to the United States Supreme Court, who opted to hear the gay marriage issue this session instead of this pressing legal matter. 

(Its quite possible this last segment is not entirely....accurate.....but it would make a much better VH1 Behind the Music plot than the truth - the band broke up and everyone is still friends!)


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Who was Last Call Lucky?  Well they were, alphabetical speaking......

Randy Bryant - vocals on one song, drums

Jerome “JD” Davis - vocals, trumpet, percussion

Jeannie Ellenberger - vocals, keyboards

Karen Ellenberger - vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion

Dolores Grah - cowbell (vocals, flute, saxophone, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion)

Steve “Steve” Raymond - bass

Jim “Jimmy The T” Timmerman - vocals, guitar