Eight Strings Over Tokyo

Excerpts from Jeff's CD liner explain the project best:

"...something Id wanted to do for some time was to get back together with John and a few trusted confederates and record some of the music we did so long ago, but played with the perspective of the years that had passed...When the four Futon Torpedoes first gathered in October of 1999 to discuss this idea I had of recreating some of our old music, I told them that I wanted this to be something through which our grandchildren not yet conceived would come to understand a little bit about who we were and what we were about..."

This CD was painstakingly engineered by Nathan Manlove at the fabulous Nobelman Studios.  Nathan is as much a part of the sound as the band many thanks to him for his hard work










Jeff Purvis

John Stoughton

Pat Sullivan

Steve Raymond



  Sample some of the songs


 "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window" (Dylan)

 "Wedding Day" (Purvis)

 "The Choice" (Purvis)

"Gypsy Foal" (Purvis)

"Flat" (Purvis)

(Audiophiles - remember these are streaming .mp3's so it won't take forever to load.  If you want the real deal - buy the CD!)