Dangerous Tenets



(a/ka "Running With Scissors", "...And the Horse You Road In On", "Face Full of Fun")


This band implemented, for some period of time, and with some success, a rather radical concept - a new band name for each gig.  This went on for about 4 gigs and then by popular demand (both from the caring music public and certain band members) a single name was adopted - Dangerous Tenets.  If this were not a family publication, we could list other band names considered...and reluctantly rejected, however suffice to say there were some dandies!!



  Jeff              Pat                     Steve                Sherry       Jeannie               


Jeff Purvis

Pat Sullivan

Steve Raymond

Sherry Foxx (stage name only)

Jeannie Ellenberger




Sample some of the songs from a live performance
Thunder Road
Love Me Two Times
Disco Inferno
You're The One That I Want
Beds Are Burning


Consider these....Dangerous Tenets...